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Driveway Cleaning Services

Posted on: August 17th, 2020 by Top Notch Pressure Washing

Driveways can be tricky surfaces to maintain, oddly. Newer driveways last for much longer and are built with much more precision than older ones. Old driveways can be a nightmare for homeowners, especially in areas where there is bad weather or lots of activity. Even new driveways can get dirty, however, and if they are to stay in prime condition, they must be taken care of. That is why people should make sure to take advantage of driveway cleaning services.

Old driveways are subject to cracking and deterioration. Weeds and other substances can grow in these driveways uninhibited. This is still a threat in newly paved driveways as well, though it is not as great. Fortunately, driveway cleaning services can help with this issue. Driveways can be power washed without fear of damage, which means that unwanted substances, such as weeds, dirt, and grime, can be removed with ease.

Driveways are also subject to discoloration and fungal growth which can be harmful, and which can become harder to deal with the longer it is affecting the driveway. Power washing is the commonly used method of driveway cleaning (along with other techniques utilized by companies that offer their services) and is capable of doing the same things that it does for home exteriors, which includes protecting the driveway from future wear and tear.

Damage is unavoidable when it comes to driveways. Unlike many other parts of the home, driveways cannot be ignored or infrequently used. In fact, less use of the driveway can lead to more problems, including extensive weed and fungal growth as well as deterioration. Because there is no way to avoid the problem of driveway damage, it is one of the most important parts of any given property to take care of. When it comes to something that will incur damage no matter what, it is best to regularly face the problem and prevent it from getting worse and causing more of a hassle in the future.

Caring for homes and properties is a lot of work, and it can often be too much to handle. Sometimes, there is work that is in unfortunate need of completion. Driveway cleaning is one such task. Fortunately, driveway cleaning services provided by companies can help safeguard the integrity of household exteriors. Though driveways, like decks, porches, and roofs are always subject to extensive damage, they can be (and should be) regularly maintained and kept in prime condition.

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Posted on: August 10th, 2020 by Top Notch Pressure Washing

This kind of question baffles the heart of a homeowner who wants to purchase one for cleaning at home. Many people don’t even know that there is a difference between the two. Pressure washing and power washing are not the same, though they are both used for the same cleaning purposes. But there are some slight differences between the two which make them suitable for specific cleaning. Let check it together to know which is better.


Pressure washers usually use cold water. It can also be called as cold-water pressure washers. They rely solely on pressure and are readily available to buyers, making them a practical and common option. These differ in price and size to suit most budgets and the storage space available for residential and commercial use. These systems are easier to manage than their counterpart hot water

A cold-water pressure washer force is sufficient to remove dirt, dust, debris, and light mud from hard surfaces like concrete, brick, masonry, and metal. Such systems have a nozzle that enables water flux variation. If you need a reliable stream or a gentler spray method, changes can be made to match the surface at hand. Such systems can also operate well on softer surfaces, such as floors, wood siding, fences, or even the sports uniform of your kid, without causing harm due to their variability. Those units are not as effective on oil and grease, however.


  • It is less expensive
  • Required minimal maintenance
  • The compactness
  • Strong pressure Power
  • Demerit
  • Will not wash off oil and grease
  • Could damage fragile surfaces


It may be called hot-water pressure washers. They are bulkier in size and cost than pressure washers in range. They can weigh up to 400 pounds with a capacity to fit on the affordable end of the spectrum, making storage space a significant factor. A commercial version could comfortably bear the price tag that weighs one ton and must be transported on a trailer with a 400-gallon water tank. High-end power washers are usually used for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings installed by skilled cleaning firms.

It is heat that is the obvious difference between pressure and power washers. A power washer is an amped-up pressure washer, with a heating element attached. Heated water above 200-degree Fahrenheit will quickly dissolve grease and oil without going through a chemistry lesson on molecular structure. High heat combined with pressurized water and detergent will thoroughly scrub out grease and oil, producing a clean surface. Coldwater can pass around grease and oil but does not remove it. For large commercial and industrial projects, power washers are more efficient, particularly if sanitization is necessary. However, because of the heating element and the complex nature, they often require more maintenance.


  • Adjustable temperature for the water
  • Take off oil
  • Suitable for industrial, commercial and wide areas
  • Heavyweight
  • Sanitization
  • Disadvantages
  • Bunny
  • Strong quality maintenance
  • Could cause damage to soft surfaces


For removing dust, dirt, grime, mud, and mildew on cars, buildings, sidewalks, driveways, and decks, a pressure washer is a good option. Pay attention to the defined pressure per square inch ( PSI) and gallons per minute (GPM) on any model you find. The higher the PSI, the quicker the job is, and as the GPMs is higher, the better the cleaning efficiency.

There are several different models to choose from depending on your needs and budget making it perfect for homeowners and small business owners to have a pressure washer. Accessories such as brushes, nozzles, extensions, injectors, and detergents may also be included. For cars, buildings, sidewalks, driveways, and decks, a pressure washer is a good option.

A power washer is an excellent option for handling oil and grease tasks. Bear it in mind that using it on soft surfaces and harsh surfaces to some degree could cause harm, so it’s better if a seasoned professional does this. To the enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, it is more budget-friendly to rent a power washer for a large home project than to buy one. Proceed with caution, though, as you don’t risk getting hurt or causing surface or machine damage.


Deciding between a pressure washer and a power washer is all about the job at hand, user experience, budget, and storage space that are usable. You’ll have to weigh the price against the project provided the investment. As always is best to hire a professional cleaning service, who will get the job done right the first time.

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How to Make Your Roof Stronger

Posted on: August 3rd, 2020 by Top Notch Pressure Washing

If you’re a home owner or a business owner and you’ve spent sleepless nights worrying and wondering about how to protect the costly investment that is your commercial building or home, you certainly aren’t alone. The secret to protecting that space is going to be in its roof. While it’s all well and good to see it and do what you can to visually inspect it regularly, strength also can be added through some unique factors that you wouldn’t normally consider.  All of these will help add extra protection to your roof in both the short-term as well as the long-term and help you get the most out of your investment.


Strength comes in many different forms:

  • Strength comes from quality materials: Firstly, make sure that you are going with the top materials for your roof’s building materials and well as installation. Going pro from the very beginning is critical. The stronger and better your materials and installation are, the stronger your roof will be upon completion.


  • Add more strength with regular cleaning: Once your roof is installed, you’ll want to budget and schedule in proper cleaning. Professional contractors can come in once or twice a year and offer up professional-level cleaning to remove build-up, grit and grime, and other particles that are compromising your roof’s overall structural integrity.


  • Keep your roof impermeable to pests and water: Between proper materials and regular cleaning, you’ll also strengthen your roof in that it’s going to actually, you know, do its job. A roof made from inferior materials that is basically neglected is not going to be at its best. Water leaks can happen quickly and without any kind of visual indicator from the ground. You could have a very expensive water leak and not even know it!  Also, as shingles weaken from water and grime piling up on them, pests can also find their way into the cavities and make nests. This means more damage and more clean up for you to deal with and potentially a need for an exterminator or even a fumigation!


  • Keep your soffit and gutter systems in great shape: A strong roof is also going to help reduce wear and tear on your soffit and gutter systems, and vice versa. These all work together to keep water off of your structure and your roof as tough as nails. Since soffits and gutter systems can also be costly to replace (not to mention time consuming), it’s a great idea to protect the entire system by keeping your roof strong and allowing water run off.


            A strong roof starts from strong materials and ends with proper maintenance.  If you want to keep your building protected to get the most out of your investment, the roof’s short-term and long-term strength should be the core focus.  It’s not as hard as you’d think and the results are going to be well worth your time and effort. Plus, it’s nice to know that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you’ve done everything within your power. Hiring a professional to clean your roof is your best option to make sure it is cleaned correctly the first time! 

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What Is Soft Washing?

Posted on: July 27th, 2020 by Top Notch Pressure Washing

Soft washing is the preferred method of cleaning for a variety of outdoor exteriors. Unlike power or pressure washing, soft washing utilizes a tip that is less harsh on more vulnerable siding. Soft washing is the best way to clean wood paneling, stucco, and even outdoor furniture. With its increased radius and lowered force, soft washing is the most helpful option for simpler jobs.

Soft washing also includes chemicals that are eco-friendly and manufactured to clean exteriors with ease. These chemicals will break down a variety of unwanted materials on siding or other outdoor protective elements. This includes dirt and unwanted bacteria. By itself, water does not seem capable of cleaning in the way that most people require. Soft washing is not as powerful as other, more industrial methods, but its use of quality chemicals makes all the difference.

Soft washing is primarily an alternative to power washing or pressure washing. The solutions used (the chemicals stated above and also bleach other formulas) mean to remove mildew and other kinds of fungus, bacteria, and stains from surfaces. Soft washing enhances the cleaning process. Where water would not be enough to clean or refurbish an exterior, soft washing takes the cleaning to the next level with special elements. Soft washing is best used on surfaces that would be subject to damage under the stream of a higher impact method of power washing. Especially on older homes or buildings with vulnerable exteriors, soft washing is the best solution.

Another added benefit of soft washing is that many of the chemicals can eliminate new growth. Whether it be algae, fungi, bacteria, or some other kind of organism, washing prevents them from growing back for a prolonged period of time. Because of this, occasional soft washing can help protect homes and buildings from damage. The cost of soft washing varies depending on how much needs cleaning and whether a professional is hired for the job.

Soft washing is a specialty service provided when outdoor areas and buildings need in-depth cleaning. Because of its safe chemical solutions and pressure, soft washing is a successful cleaning solution. Though regular fluid alone is not enough to change the state of a home, when pressure and the ability to combine other solutions with the liquid is added to the mix, exterior siding and many other commonplace surfaces can be easily transformed from grimy to spotless.

Though it might not seem like it, soft washing is a great and simple way to help homes and other buildings. Soft washing is not excessively expensive, depending on what area(s) it is being used for. It is by far the best product to use for exterior home safety, for soft washing ensures that no damage is done to even the most sensitive of exteriors. Because of this, especially when compared to its competitors, soft washing is a great way to maintain properties, protect them for the future, and guarantee a harmless but successful service.

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Top Notch Pressure Washing Jackson, NJ

Posted on: July 23rd, 2020 by Top Notch Pressure Washing

If you have been searching for pressure washing services near me in Jackson, NJ, then don’t hesitate for a second to phone Top Notch Pressure Washing on 908-415-4460. We’ll arrange for one of our friendly and professional team members to drop by at a time and date convenient for you to organize a 100% free, no-obligation quote on pressure washing.

When it comes to professional pressure washing services in Jackson, NJ, our family-owned and operated business is here to help. Top Notch Pressure Washing is proud of the work they do for the people of Jackson, NJ. Our professional and experienced team members all live locally in the Jackson area, and they understand the harsh environmental conditions that outdoor areas are exposed to daily.

It makes sense that after you work hard to build or buy a home or property in the Jackson, NJ, you want to keep it looking just as good as the day it was made. An essential part of that is regular outdoor and exterior pressure washing. Here at Top Notch Pressure Washing, we utilize a combination of effective cleaning solutions and low-pressure washing equipment to clean dirt, dust, grime, mold, mildew, and stains from exterior areas.

Some of the most common places that will require regular pressure washing are BBQ areas, patios, and entertaining areas, pools, decks, pathways, and driveways. The good news is that even if you’re too busy to pressure wash your home or business, our team members aren’t! They are standing by to come to your residential or commercial property and give it the love and care that it requires.

Our fully licensed and insured team members at Top Notch Pressure Washing, Jackson, NJ, have the equipment and experience to make your outdoor areas look fantastic! Phone us today on 908-415-4460 for a 100% free, no-obligation quote on any pressure washing services.

Let the season begin!

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We are excited to kick off the 2020 season! Check back soon, as we will be updating our blog with the latest in pressure washing tips and valuable info!