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How to Make Your Roof Stronger

Posted on: August 3rd, 2020 by Top Notch Pressure Washing

If you’re a home owner or a business owner and you’ve spent sleepless nights worrying and wondering about how to protect the costly investment that is your commercial building or home, you certainly aren’t alone. The secret to protecting that space is going to be in its roof. While it’s all well and good to see it and do what you can to visually inspect it regularly, strength also can be added through some unique factors that you wouldn’t normally consider.  All of these will help add extra protection to your roof in both the short-term as well as the long-term and help you get the most out of your investment.


Strength comes in many different forms:

  • Strength comes from quality materials: Firstly, make sure that you are going with the top materials for your roof’s building materials and well as installation. Going pro from the very beginning is critical. The stronger and better your materials and installation are, the stronger your roof will be upon completion.


  • Add more strength with regular cleaning: Once your roof is installed, you’ll want to budget and schedule in proper cleaning. Professional contractors can come in once or twice a year and offer up professional-level cleaning to remove build-up, grit and grime, and other particles that are compromising your roof’s overall structural integrity.


  • Keep your roof impermeable to pests and water: Between proper materials and regular cleaning, you’ll also strengthen your roof in that it’s going to actually, you know, do its job. A roof made from inferior materials that is basically neglected is not going to be at its best. Water leaks can happen quickly and without any kind of visual indicator from the ground. You could have a very expensive water leak and not even know it!  Also, as shingles weaken from water and grime piling up on them, pests can also find their way into the cavities and make nests. This means more damage and more clean up for you to deal with and potentially a need for an exterminator or even a fumigation!


  • Keep your soffit and gutter systems in great shape: A strong roof is also going to help reduce wear and tear on your soffit and gutter systems, and vice versa. These all work together to keep water off of your structure and your roof as tough as nails. Since soffits and gutter systems can also be costly to replace (not to mention time consuming), it’s a great idea to protect the entire system by keeping your roof strong and allowing water run off.


            A strong roof starts from strong materials and ends with proper maintenance.  If you want to keep your building protected to get the most out of your investment, the roof’s short-term and long-term strength should be the core focus.  It’s not as hard as you’d think and the results are going to be well worth your time and effort. Plus, it’s nice to know that you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you’ve done everything within your power. Hiring a professional to clean your roof is your best option to make sure it is cleaned correctly the first time! 

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